• Negative Value I.

    Negative Value I.

    Negative Value I. 2022 exhibited at: At Home Gallery curated by Máté Csanda ceramic, photo-emulsion, seeds, photo paper various dimensions photo: András Cséfalvay Á., Erika Szőke The ceramic objects were part of an exhibition with Erika Szőke, titled Fading Earth. The series of installations as well as the objects are reflecting on the relationship between […]

  • Symbionts


    Symbionts 2022 ceramic, textile, wood, electronics various dimensions photo: Jakub Jančo Symbionts are interactive ceramic and sound objects that respond to the conditions in the environment where they “live”: temperature, humidity, air pressure and quality, and other sensory inputs. The project looks at the perspective of the sustainability of the planet’s memory footprint: objects, depending […]

  • Third Way – The Legacy of Hanza

    Third Way – The Legacy of Hanza

    Third Way – The Legacy of Hanza 2021 installation at Homeland Museum in Galanta curated by Zsófia Nagy photo: András Cséfalvay Á. The exhibition explores the legacy of a forgotten cooperative movement, Hanza, which sought to organise the economic and community life of Hungarians in Czechoslovakia between the two world wars. My hometown Galanta was […]

  • Sweater


    Sweater 2021 A Slower Down! – Vanishing Points 4.0, Trafo Gallery, Budapest curated by Tamás Don wool, wood photo: Dávid Bíró Among the items on exhibit in the Jewish Community Museum in Bratislava is a child’s sweater with ladybug patterns. The object, with its dramatic motif, immediately caught my eye. Next to the sweater one […]

  • De Profundis

    De Profundis

    De Profundis 2021 Installation at ACLIM! – Agency for Climate Imaginary! OFF-Biennale Budapest A.P.A. Gallery, Budapest curated by xtro realm textile, wood, plastic, paper photo: Dávid Bíró Csilla Nagy is preoccupied with making the invisible visible in De Profundis (Out of the depths), which she does by exploring the visual research methods of exploiting fossil […]

  • The Essence of Things

    The Essence of Things

    The Essence of Things 2019 porcelain, various objects, textile, wood various dimensions Things inherited, things with sentimental value, things holding a memory to somebody or to an event. The private collection of objects are encapsulated in porcelain “protective” boxes, sarcophagi, which are as vulnerable and fragile as the objects itself.

  • Rondo


    Rondo 2019 Collaboration with Nemere Kerezsi, exhibited at Baroque Pavilion, Benedictine Abbey, Pannonhalma 3D print PLA plastic

  • Space Between

    Space Between

    Space Between 2017 porcelain, wood, paper, electronics As we increasingly penetrating matter, observing micro- and nano-phenomena, our extended gaze is also reaching out to the distant landscapes beyond our planet. We are mapping distant formations, planets – in a quality of imagery like never before but the more sophisticated our instruments approach these phenomena, the […]

  • Golden Background

    Golden Background

    Golden Background 2016 plexiglass, digital print, wood The 24 pictures reprinted on plexiglass are reproductions of original drawings with a children’s tool called “Magic board”. The drawings are remembrances of items from the artist’s childhood she was able to memorise. It is an attempt to recall the period before 1989, when she, as a child […]

  • Three Dead

    Three Dead

    Three Dead 2016 ceramic, wood, digital print, paper, plexiglass The three hand-built ceramic urns are made with clay collected from the riverbank of Kis-Duna in Slovakia. They are holding remains of three artworks, made by Csilla Nagy at the last two years of  her studies at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest including her diploma […]

  • The fourth House

    The fourth House

    The Fourth House 2015 Installation in At Home Gallery wood, wooden mockup, video ‘1 “34 The Fourth House was built according to a scale-model created in 1974 by István Gladics, the artist’s grandfather. The house-object built as a thirty-fold enlargement of the scale-model has human scale proportions, filling the gallery space – a former Synagogue. […]

  • I Went Fishing

    I Went Fishing

    I Went Fishing 2014 balsa wood, black paint, dried herbs, smoke 100 x 120 x 20 cm The text originally written as a message on a piece of paper by the artist’s father “Mentem halászni” (I went fishing) appears on a surface of a wooden object – an incense holder, where the smoke penetrates through […]

  • Fading Earth / At Home Gallery

    Fading Earth / At Home Gallery

    Fading Earth / At Home Gallery Csilla Nagy & Erika Szőke / Fading Earth / Curator: Máté Csanda / At Home Gallery, Synagogue in Šamorín / 9. 10. – 20. 11. 2022 Zsófia Nagy’s review: Fenntartható rítusok Havran Kati: Archaikus eljárások, mai problémák

  • Earth – Earth

    Earth – Earth

    Earth – Earth / Ernest Zmeták Art Gallery at Nové Zámky https://www.gueznz.eu/en/vystavy/single/80

  • Symbionts in Prügerka!

    Symbionts in Prügerka!

    Symbionts in Prügerka! A one day exhibition at the Prüger-Wallner Garden in Bratislava. 6. 9. 2022.

  • A Slower Dawn! Vanishing Points 4.0

    A Slower Dawn! Vanishing Points 4.0

    A Slower Dawn! Vanishing Points 4.0 / Trafó Gallery 17. 12. 2021 – 30. 1. 2022 Artists: Kitti Gosztola, Ferenc Gróf, Szabolcs KissPál, Csilla Nagy, Bence György Pálinkás Curator: Tamás Don https://trafo.hu/trafo_galeria/enyeszpontok

  • Third Way – The Legacy of Hanza

    Third Way – The Legacy of Hanza

    Third Way – The Legacy of Hanza Exhibition at the Local History Museum in Galanta 30. 3. 2021 – 30. 4. 2021.

  • ACLIM!


    Agency for Climate Imaginary! ACLIM! Agency for Climate Imaginary! / OFF Biennale Budapest / A.P.A. Gallery Artists: András Cséfalvay; Gideon Horváth & amp; Kata Dóra Kiss; Tamás Kaszás; Csilla Nagy; Rita Süveges; Ádám Ulbert; Anna Zilahi & amp; Laura Szári x Varsányi Szirének choir Curators: Anna Zilahi; Gideon Horváth; Rita Süveges https://archive.offbiennale.hu/en/2021/projects/aclim.html



    Tellerrand / Bremen 30. 10. 2020 – 15. 1. 2021 Artists: Monsignore Dies, Petra Fiebig, Christian Futscher, Georg Janthur, Christoph lambert, Csilla nagy, Pat Noser, Nele Probst, Uwe Schloen, Sebastian Wywiorski, Jevgeni Zolotko

  • For Family Reasons

    For Family Reasons

    For Family Reasons / MODEM 17. 8. 2019 – 3. 11. 2019

  • Rondo


    Rondo / Pannonhalma 24. 8. 2019.

  • The Essence of Things

    The Essence of Things

    The Essence of Things / 4D Gallery 9. 11. 2019 – 20. 11. 2019

  • Derkó 2018

    Derkó 2018

    Derkó 2018 23. 3. 2018 – 18. 3. 2018 Artists: Blazsek András, Bögös Loránd, Fátyol Viola, Fodor Dániel János, Gwizdala Dáriusz, Hardi Ágnes, Horgas Karina, Kazi Roland, Keresztesi Botond, Kocsi Olga Piroska, Kopacz Kund László, Kotormán Ábel, Melkovics Tamás, Mothokgo Ronald, Murányi Mózes Márton, Nagy Csilla, Papp Sándor Dávid, Pintér Dia, Pólya Zsombor, Sallay Dániel, […]

  • On the Sex of Angels

    On the Sex of Angels

    On the Sex of Angels / Nocidim Gallery 21. 11. 2017 – 22. 12. 2017 Artists: Alexandru Antik, Dana Awartani, Igor & Ivan Buharov, Pierre André Ferrand, Enric Fort Ballester, Rainer Ganahl, IRWIN, Nemere Kerezsi, Olga Kocsi, Ciprian Mureșan, Csilla Nagy, Radu Oreian, Cristian Rusu, Laurentiu Ruță-Fulger, Șerban Savu, Tamás St. Turba Curators: Ciprian Mureșan […]

  • The Fourth House

    The Fourth House

    The Fourth House / At Home Gallery 4. 6. 2015 – 28. 7.2015